Intellectual Outputs

  1. Identify skill gaps, educational factors and successful methodological approaches to deal with women work life balance coaching. (IO1 State of the art report)
  2. Enhance the professional development of Counseling Units and VET educators facilitating the assessment, validation and recognition of learning outcomes for Women support and gender mainstreaming. (IO2 ECVET Training Curriculum)
  3. Elaborate useful resources to disseminate better understanding of different and innovative methodological approaches for supporting women towards work life. (IO3 Handbook)
  4. Design practical activities, based on the Ladies First! innovative pedagogical approach, to support counsellors and VET educators in their counseling everyday work and routine with women (IO4 Toolbox)
  5. Design and implement an innovative digital space and practical tools addressed to both counselors and educators to develop knowledge on different elements related with women work life balance and support through interactive learning elements (IO5 Training Apps and learning platform)