About Project

Ladies first! Project aims to empower teachers, trainers and counselors to support women beneficiaries in order to gain the necessary stability in-between working and personal life, especially in the framework of crisis.

Based on two successful interventions (Work Life Balance in Greek Women Employes in national / Greek level and U-Coach! in European/ LLL level), within the context of this proposal, 7 partner organizations (Counselling NGO’s, research centers and VET providers, companies and social partners) from 6 countries (Greece, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Bulgaria and Italy) work together to develop Ladies First! Project, extending their scope beyond the borders of their own countries in order to define common strategies to address work life balance for women in Europe. Participating organizations use also European transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET and Europass, to promote transnational mobility, following the recommendations of the Bruges Communiqué, Supporting VET in Europe.

To support women in their work life balance, partnerhip work together to develop Ladies first! project, in order to define common strategies to address women work life balance through coaching in Europe.

The main target users of the project products are Counselors/ Coaches and VET educators. Final beneficiaries are women – users of these services who face issues with their work life balance.

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